Join our silicon valley team!

We work in an awesome company who allow people have great freedom. We don’t have a dressing code, we work partially-remote, we can travel, we can code with cutting edge technology and have plenty of technical challenges. Currently, we have a position in a bay area(Silicon Valley) project where we are doing cutting-edge develops engineering. You will be located in Brazil(Porto Alegre) but could go to SV eventually. Currently our teamwork with:
– Java 8
– Python 3
– Ansible
– Packer
– Terraform
– Jenkins
– AWS (Ec2, S3, Lambda)
– NetflixOSS Stack(Archaius, Eureka, Ribbon, Karyon, RxNetty, Feign)
– Cassandra, Redis, ES
– SignalFX
– Chaos Monkey / Simian Army

We also do Stress testing / Chaos Engineering using netflixoss and custom stress test/chaos platform we build. We also run Dynomite/Redis with Cassandra on AWS. We help developers to be more STABLE and productivity with tools and services. If you want do DevOps Engineering using Engineering practices like(Kanban, XP, Evolutional Design, Architecture, Code Reviews, Retrospectives, 101 Coaching) and much more, join us. What kind of skills are we expecting?
– English (Writing and Speaking)
– Stability Mindset(Code things that don’t break and are resilient)
– DevOps Skills (Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform)
– Java Engineering Skills(Design Patterns, Guice, REST, NetflixOSS, gradle)
– NoSQL Expertise (Cassandra, Redis, ES)
– Chaos Engineering (Chaos Monkey / Simian Army)
– Cloud Native Architecture
So what we do exactly? We do unique work with DevOps + Software Engineering. Don’t expect to be coding ansible playbooks all the day but also don’t expect be coding standard CRUDS with microservices. We do Engineering around DevOps, Around NoSQL and several platform things. If these tech challenges sound fun to you join us.