Co-creation Workshops: a way to seek innovation

Workshops are creative processes in which the exchange of experiences is promoted in order to enrich any project type here at ilegra. As an essential part of our work, the workshops are used as a technique of strategic design, to improve the innovation process and generation of ideas. Over the last week of June, a workshop was held with the Bourbon Hotels Resorts chain, whose goal was to find differentiated solutions for this client of the hotel segment in a co-creation form.

Before the completion of the workshop, the team always seeks to refine the client’s briefing and conducts a research of references, trends, competition, main clients, in addition to the mapping of the company’s organizational culture. The workshop is the moment when all this information is gathered and discussed at a brainstorming for the development of scenarios and design solutions.

ilegra has expertise in national and international workshops conducted for clients from different segments, including beyond the hotel segment, insurance companies, financial institutions, human resources, etc. There are ways of organizing a workshop at ilegra; there are those in which the ideation process is accomplished by internal teams from different areas and another in which employees of the client are the designers, with the facilitation of ilegra.

For Romulo Dornelles, Director of Innovation, Marketing and Commerce, the workshop has helped disseminate the importance of looking at trends and analyzing the context of our clients’ business from the perspective of the buyer. We believe in a collaborative process for generating innovative ideas. Our slogan is ‘think outside the box’, so we want the “design” of new solutions for our clients to be increasingly bolder, more creative and more collaborative, breaking paradigms and being even more surprising with our delivery capabilities, concludes Dornelles.