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Research to amplify references

Kaleidos is a service in which ilegra performs an immersion in order to understand and discover latent needs, desires, and behaviors from different audiences, so that it is possible to assist in the decision-making process of Design Concept.

Insight research

Trends, case studies and references are studied so that we can understand what is being developed and what lies ahead in terms of services, products and technologies, serving as input for the business.

Benchmarking and competition

With this kind of research, ilegra seeks to identify benchmarks of excellence inside the market as well as outside, in separate segments. In addition, ilegra maps the competition, identifying its strategies and initiatives.


Client surveys seek to identify uses, habits and consumption to best position a product or a service on the market or even promote improvements and innovations. ilegra has expertise in qualitative research and has partnerships with institutes for quantitative research.


Design Thinking

Focus Group

In-depth interviews

Research Desk