Oracle and ilegra, lasting partnership earns awards in 2013

On August 5 and 6, Oracle promoted the FY14 Indirect Sales Executive Meeting, in celebration of the beginning of the new fiscal year. The event took place in São Paulo and had the agenda to present the achievements of the closed fiscal year and new strategies for Fiscal Year 2014. The event was attended by a select group of partners, including ilegra, all of Oracle’s indirect sales team e cross areas working together.

Oracle’s owners and key sales executives of the partners were present. At the end of the first day, all the partners that have excelled in sales in the last fiscal year were recognized and ilegra received the award for performance in FY13 on the territory of named accounts in the regionals. A challenging year for 2014 is being forecasted and ilegra, that already has a partnership with Oracle for 11 years, intends to further expand operations; therefore, it invests in certifications of the employees and works together to move beyond this market.

Vera Cook, senior indirect sales director at Oracle do Brasil, states “especially in the middle size market, which has a larger number of companies, the presence of the partner and the possibility to use this arm to help in the process of coverage is essential”. According to the director, the partner becomes an extension of sales at Oracle and ilegra has demonstrated its agility and capacity for business development, making it a very important sales and technical resource to our ecosystem.

This past year the expertise that ilegra has for many years in technical and service areas has been enhanced with the investment in sales and the result is at the awards held. According to Roger Muller, alliances director at ilegra, “the longtime investment brings results and one of the evidences that specialization is the path, is in the recognition that ilegra received from Oracle, as the partner that sold more in our territory of named accounts of the regionals”, ends Muller.