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Designing scenarios and future paths

Designing paths, showing probable futures, in various time horizons, are critical exercises for businesses. From this point of view, companies can align their current strategy according to the conjectured options. Both IT and business necessarily go through these projections, therefore, ilegra gathers its experience in technology and business to perform these mappings and propose consistent and possible paths.

Business scenarios

The knowledge on businesses, market movements, client, behavior and technological trends, allows ilegra to develop, along with their clients, business scenarios, connecting the present to the future.

Technological scenarios

ilegra identifies a variety of possible technology scenarios that are applied to the context of the enterprise under review. It compares all scenarios and recommends a better approach, highlighting all the pros and cons.
This service aims to guide and advise the client to make a smart investment in products and IT solutions, suitable for the company’s projections over the medium and long term.