Scagil ilegra análise ambiente TI Design negócios soluções business DevOps infraestrutura


Analyses to identify improvements

To analyze complex IT environments is one of our great expertise. The analysis aims at identifying bottlenecks in the infrastructure and/or systems, allowing us to propose improvements. Our line of work has a complementary and human vision, which also includes the assessment of the services and processes dynamics.

Scagil devops

An exclusive service for business that depend on a stable IT environment and that support many transactions per second. In the line of services such as scagil, diagnostics and scalable solutions, ilegra makes use of high-tech features and a DevOps multidisciplinary team (Development and Infrastructure) that analyzes and identifies faults and critical scenarios in applications, servers and database.

Scagil design analysis

With a human-centric approach, the line of services of scagil analysis design, aims to understand the underlying organizational issues that go beyond the IT scenario. The solution of the problems is often in the review of the way in which the process occurs, the method or even in the interaction between people. Hence the importance of understanding organizational culture, contexts and processes in order to obtain a more complete vision and thus better identify barriers and generate alternatives to transpose them.