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Making products and services accessible

Making creations accessible is a fundamental skill to test concepts. The line of tactile services has this purpose, rapid prototyping, iterative and agile development. This way it is possible to better structure creations, making adjustments even before making investments and significant efforts such as to encode all of the designed software.


Wireframe is a type of structural prototype that allows you to view the future state of the system and validate it with the client and internal teams. This iteration generates early feedback and improves the final design, reducing the need for changes during development.

Graphic development

Here the visual identity and graphic interface of the applications and systems is developed, starting from aesthetic and strategic studies to deliver the best result.

Usability test

These are tests that ilegra conducts in order to verify that the prototypes developed comply with the features and usability proposals, making the necessary adjustments singled out by potential users.

Functional prototype

A more evolved form of prototype that ilegra develops, already with code, simulating some functionalities of the final product, using business logic and database interactions, though on a smaller scale.