TNT Mercúrio migrates ITs database with ilegra’s support

TNT Mercúrio, a leading company in the transportation of cargo expressed, performed an upgrade on their infrastructure in corporate hardware and software systems. New servers, new operating system AIX and Oracle database upgrade were implemented by the IT department of TNT mercury with ilegra’s collaboration the project was completed in January 2014 with duration of 7 months and had the premise of preparing systems to meet business growth expected for the coming years.

The project presented a transparent migration to the systems with a low availability due to high complexity of migration. All the clients of the company have benefited. Through the web site, actions such as query loads, locate goods or generate reports were impacted by the optimization of the systems. This means they are faster for the current clients and support even greater demand, provided by the company. “The performance gain in business processes, such as client interactions by our main channel, the website, was improved by up to 60%. We have increased our productivity. Our goal is to have more clients and to meet the demands present in the strategic planning of the Corporation’s growth in the years to come,” says Fernando Biehl, Infrastructure Support Manager of TNT Mercúrio.

With 11 years of partnership, and one more completed project, TNT Mercúrio reaffirms why they are an ilegra client. “ilegra shows real dedication and turns their client’s problem into their own issue to solve. This attitude is the real advantage of ilegra. The proximity of the company with professionals working here at TNT Mercúrio and the commitment with the end result, made the difference in this project” concludes Biehl.