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4 trends for the success of your business in 2024 and how to implement them

Discover the trends that will guide businesses in 2024 and learn how to implement them to stand out in the competitive technological landscape.


In a dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape, the pursuit of success demands continuous adaptation to the latest market trends and practices. In 2024, the business environment will be filled with challenges and opportunities that will require a strategic and innovative end-to-end approach.

This article explores the importance of these themes and provides insights on how to implement them effectively, offering a comprehensive view for those seeking to thrive in the competitive business world this year.

Trends for 2024:

Understanding market trends is a vital strategic choice for companies aiming to achieve their goals. In this context, four themes emerge as drivers that can shape the destiny of any operation: providing a customer-focused experience, promoting innovation, basing decisions on data, and adopting cloud computing.

For a deeper understanding of these fundamental elements, explore each theme below:

Business and Customer Strategy

Does your company already place the customer at the center of its operations? If not, this year is the ideal time to consider it. Currently, having a consumer-focused business is essential for the success and sustainability of any operation. According to Deloitte research, user-centered corporations are 60% more profitable.

Customer-focused strategy drives the business’s innovation capability, as organizations are constantly seeking ways to reinvent themselves and improve their services to meet consumer needs. Therefore, investing in solutions that structure and accelerate customer experience initiatives allows you to understand new markets, achieve superior results, and launch innovative digital products. This positions your company ahead of the competition, establishing it as a reference in the industry.

Innovation Lab

The future of enterprises depends on the constant ability to innovate. Regardless of the industry, economic development and productivity are intertwined with technological evolution and the continuous unfolding of new products and processes. Therefore, having an innovation lab plays a crucial role in generating and implementing ideas, technologies, and strategies, promoting creativity and sustaining a company’s competitive advantage.

However, despite being a rising trend, many organizations face obstacles in incorporating this culture, such as internal resistance to change and a lack of clear methods to establish an innovation lab.

In this scenario, seeking a solution that assists the manager in reviewing and structuring processes, as well as providing insights for development and identifying trends aligned with innovative initiatives, emerges as a path to explore.

Data Solutions

Data solutions consist of strategies, processes, and tools created to address challenges related to the effective management and use of information in organizations. According to a McKinsey study, businesses that effectively apply insights based on these assets are more likely to attract and retain customers and be profitable.

However, the dispersion of information, stored in various spreadsheets and systems, is a common challenge. This fragmentation makes it difficult to obtain a comprehensive view of them and extract valuable insights.

To overcome this obstacle, the implementation of data management technology is important, as it helps implement data engineering processes for centralization and strategic use.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud services and technologies refer to the remote storage, management, and processing of data and applications accessible via the Internet. The importance of these solutions has grown due to benefits such as agility, flexibility, scalability, and cost savings.

An IBM survey reveals that 83% of business and IT leaders in Brazil opted for a hybrid cloud approach to drive digital transformation, surpassing the global average of 77%. However, only 27% claimed to have complete control, highlighting blind spots and risks to data.

The proposed solution for companies with storage and data management issues is migration to the cloud. This transition involves reviewing the existing architecture to identify vulnerabilities and ensure a well-designed implementation.

Companies can rely on innovative applications to migrate data and systems to the cloud, thereby leveraging the flexibility and scalability of this technology.

Implementing Trends in Your Business in 2024

For the success of your company, we recommend an individual and tailored strategic approach to your scenario. At ilegra, each client can build their journey in a personalized way, according to their needs and level of knowledge on the subject. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all formulas but in flexibility to meet your demands. Our solutions are distributed in stages, explained below:

  • Discovery and Strategy: In this phase, ilegra diagnoses your situation, develops a strategy that identifies innovation opportunities, analyzes data, and sets goals aligned with your objectives.
  • Construction: Here, we bring your idea to life and transform your project into reality. Our qualified team gets hands-on to make your demand real and viable.
  • Education: In this stage, we assist your organization in training your team through executive and corporate training, aiming to promote innovation and the adoption of best practices.
  • Continuity: Finally, in this phase, corporations already have the project consolidated but need maintenance. Therefore, ilegra provides a continuous team for possible monitoring, support, and updates.

Anticipating challenges and exploring opportunities is essential to improve your indicators, delight your audience, and achieve better results. And you can count on ilegra on this journey!

We offer solutions in strategy and business, innovation, data, and cloud. Choose the one that best suits your business and rely on a multitude of expertise that provides support for all your needs.

Interested in learning more about our journeys? Then come join us!

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