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Artificial Intelligence Trilogy: get to know the approach

The AI Trilogy is a service that aims to educate and engage various companies so that they can explore innovative paths in technology


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already a reality. Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of this innovative resource and realizing the competitive advantage gained through its use.

According to research by Época Negócios, AI can increase worker productivity by up to 14%. Technology plays a crucial role in process automation, providing benefits in terms of efficiency, decision-making, customization, and competitiveness. That’s why about 85% of companies are considering adopting this tool in the coming years, according to Forbes.

To assist organizations in implementing this technology, ilegra has created the AI Trilogy, a service that aims to educate and engage various companies so they can explore innovative paths of Artificial Intelligence and improve their results. Keep reading to find out how it works!

AI Trilogy: 3 moments

The Artificial Intelligence Trilogy is an educational and systematic approach that, through three encounters, provides companies with the necessary information and practical examples on how to use AI correctly and intelligently. Get to know each of these moments better:

+++Moment 1: Literacy

What is it, and where are we at?
Based on this question, the aim is to contextualize concepts related to Artificial Intelligence, showing, for example, how the market is preparing to implement this technology and what practices they have adopted.

Moreover, it discusses the risks and legislation in Brazil on the subject, presenting opportunities that companies can take advantage of.

How? This is done through an interactive lecture that aims not only to mediate knowledge but also to understand the current level of depth companies have regarding the topic. Managers can also raise and clarify their doubts about the tool.

The dynamic of the first encounter allows interested professionals to delve into:

  • What is the technology?;
  • Examples of Artificial Intelligence;
  • What is Machine Learning;
  • Types of AI;
  • AI in the work routine;
  • Company sectors where AI can be applied;
  • Challenges and risks of AI;
  • Best practices and uses of technology;
  • The future with AI.

+++Moment 2: Hands-On

How can we be inspired and explore the opportunities of Artificial Intelligence?
After understanding the key concepts related to Artificial Intelligence, the second moment is reserved for companies to delve into market insights and be inspired by cases from other organizations.

The goal is for leaders to know the opportunities and tools available to ensure the modernization and growth of their business through AI.

It is also in this encounter that clients can use imagination and collective knowledge to develop ideas and organize possible innovative strategies.

How? There will be an online workshop focused on dynamic teamwork to present and discuss the best ideas and prioritize the collective vision. Participants will leave with homework, which should be submitted in the third encounter. The goal at this moment is to stimulate creativity and innovative thinking.

+++Moment 3: Activation

How to make the application of Artificial Intelligence real in the company?
The format of the third encounter is the same as the second, and in it, all discussed ideas are put into practice. The focus at this moment will be on using AI in the current and practical context, with the aim of understanding its risks and opportunities. Here, the focus is to enable the participant to create an effective technology implementation plan.

Why participate in ilegra’s AI Trilogy
Participating in the AI Trilogy is essential to understand how to apply Artificial Intelligence properly and leverage this technology in practice. Some examples of applications involve data analysis, decision-making assistance, improving customer experience, and optimizing internal processes.

It is also worth noting that ilegra’s AI Trilogy:

  • Provides customers with the possibility not only to understand the theoretical part of AI and its current state in the market but also to think about practical ideas to implement the technology in their company;
  • Applies dynamic teaching methods, using various resources to facilitate understanding of the topics and stimulate creativity and innovative thinking;
  • Uses both in-person and online workshops, allowing any customer to participate and expand their knowledge of AI, regardless of their location.

To stay ahead of the competition, it is crucial to seek theoretical and practical knowledge about new technologies. This is the only way for a company to grow, keep up with the market, and achieve its objectives.

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