Two main errors your Agile project may have right now and how to solve them

By Guilherme Sesterheim

POC architecture output ilegra

POC as an Architecture Output

By Gustavo Lima

SOA Microservices ilegra

SOA, Microservices and Evolution of Isolation

By Diego Pacheco

software architecture ilegra

Software Architecture to scale business

By Guilherme Sesterheim

Secure development best practices for financial services

By ilegra

Take care of people +++ Ensure business continuity

By ilegra

ilegra launches its new positioning to the market

By ilegra

Two Examples of Bad Software Architecture that had a Negative Impact on Businesses

By Guilherme Sesterheim

Machine Learning

Using Machine Learning in Real Life Part 1/2

By Guilherme Sesterheim

Istio & Kubernetes: Developer Productivity and freedom to deliver your OKRs

By Diego Pacheco

Are your UX Designers performing well?

By Giovanni Tagliaro

My first experience with UX Writing: step by step on the creation of a chatbot

By Bruna Werlang


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