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New payment models

By Leidiane Ongaratto

Orsegups launches Alarme 365, an innovative product that enables a faster and more dynamic service

By ilegra

DBRE – The DBA evolution

By Daniel Leite

Dexco reduced its costs by using technology to improve its processes

By ilegra

Your data science project cannot succeed if you don’t invest in data engineering

By Tomaz Lago

Unicred sees a positive impact of user experience design on trust and retention indicators

By ilegra

Jobs to be done: The vision of a UX Jr. from process to implementation

By Eduardo Viva


3 waves that prove the ESG is not a novelty

By Paula Oviedo Ferreira e Gabriela Knob

Digital transformation is no longer a differential, but IT is a matter of survival

By Marcello Perez

SBT’s new project increases its online audience by over 80%

By ilegra

Which technology and consumption trends should be considered for the upcoming years?

By ilegra

Are your UX Designers performing well?

By Giovanni Tagliaro