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Blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies

By Caroline Capitani e João Gianvecchio

Open Banking User Experience Guide helps companies adapt to the system

By ilegra

Cloud Architecture and Migration Strategies: How to choose the right one?

By Tomaz Lago

DevSecOps: 4 Challenges Digital Product Leaders Must Overcome

By Gediel Luchetta

The Future Now: Uncovering the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Today’s Applications

By ilegra

Data Engineering: Driving efficiency and innovation

By ilegra

SOLID: Understand the 5 principles of Object-Oriented Programming

By Claudio Ramon Trejes Dornelles

Orsegups launches Alarme 365, an innovative product that enables a faster and more dynamic service

By ilegra

DBRE – The DBA evolution

By Daniel Leite

How to increase the chances of successfully modernizing your legacy system

By Gediel Luchetta

Dexco + AWS: Delivering applications in a secure and trusted environment

By ilegra

The Challenge of scaling digital products

By Jackson Oliveira

Software Digital Transformation: what do you need to know?

By Pagi team - ilegra

Bruce Thuckman: The stages of forming a team.

By Iuri Vargas

Digital transformation is no longer a differential, but IT is a matter of survival

By Marcello Perez

Some thoughts on a Philosophy of Software Design

By Augusto Klaic

Backing up on-premises SQL Server Databases to Azure Blob Storage

By Kristy Noms