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Dexco reduced its costs by using technology to improve its processes

They began their digital transformation project in 2020, with the help of ilegra to implement it.


Dexco are a Brazilian company that have been around for over 70 years. They own the brands Duratex and Durafloor (Wood division), Deca and Hydra (Deca division) and Portinari, Castelatto and Ceusa (Coatings division). They began a digital transformation process a little over two years ago. Last year the company changed its brand (it was previously known as Duratex before then) and its market focus, and at the same time, they began a digital transformation.

They looked for strategic partners to help them with this, including ilegra. We have been working with the company to develop new processes for their software development and utilization, by implementing new technology. This will allow them to leverage their strategy and focus exclusively on their core business.

To change everything, you have to begin with yourself. The first step was linked to the repositioning of the brand, from Duratex to something that encompassed all of the company’s operations: Dexco as we are now known. At the same time, we realized that we needed to accelerate our automation, governance and innovation processes and our partnership with ilegra has been fundamental to this,” explained Evandro Gussi Medrado, Dexco’s Architecture Solutions Specialist.

The solution that was developed was based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions, as part of implementing continuous delivery pipelines. This ensured that the infrastructure could be developed and monitored to provide Dexco with scalable services. It also gave the company’s development teams more independence when creating applications.

In addition, basing it in the cloud ensured that the costs were optimized, which considerably reduced the purchase and replacement costs for hardware and warranty services, since the company only pays for the resources it uses.

“Our aim was to find them an environment that suited the company’s needs. It is possible to deliver infrastructure services simply and easily by choosing the right technical architecture to use in your environment. This ensures greater efficiency, as performance can be scaled to demand,” explained Marcello Perez, ilegra’s Team Leader.

According to Evandro, Dexco has identified 33% savings since the beginning of our partnership, in mid-2020, by using technology to improve processes. What has also helped has been that the company can switch off these systems outside of business hours, for verification, development, etc. “They are turned off for at least 12 hours a day, however, the aim is to have them turned off for 24 hours a day and only use them when necessary”, added Evandro. “All these aspects were essential if the new model that the company was looking for was to work. We needed to be scalable, secure and be able to monitor and make savings flexibly. This provides the basis for a new period of growth for the company, while maintaining the quality and excellence of our services”.

The environment also has a high layer of security, which ensures that the company’s essential information remains private and secure. The solution implemented proved to be effective in ensuring that applications ran quickly and securely.

“There has been a remarkable improvement in automation and efficiency. Before we started the project, it took, on average, up to a week and a half to roll out developments onto the system. Now, it takes an hour at most. This is because the new technology has replaced the entire manual process with an automated system. Previously, we had someone to carry out each specific task”, explained Evandro.

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