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GPT chat: hero or villain?

In the job market, several sectors, such as health, education and finance, are experimenting with the use of technology to reduce costs and innovate.


Much has been said about GPT Chat and there is no doubt that it is a milestone in the history of Artificial Intelligence (AI). What is natural, and what I believe, is that this technology will become more and more present in people’s daily lives, as an important support tool, allowing work to be carried out faster and more agile. However, it is important for users to be critical and understand that this is not a perfect algorithm, as it produces sequences of words based on probability and, therefore, may get a meaningless or even wrong answer.

Given this scenario, I realize that there are some points that can be improved in the GPT Chat. The first of these is the ability to learn and produce new content; the second is the curation of what is generated, both for ethics and security purposes and to ensure that the algorithm produces content that makes sense for an ever-increasing range of subjects, domains and people.

Despite these points, we know that Chat GPT is a great evolution in relation to previous technologies, mainly due to the fact that it has the ability to emphasize the process of understanding the context and coherence of the content produced. Another important aspect of the algorithm is its wide database, which allows mastering the grammatical aspects of a “natural” language, including creating an artificial “personality” to the text, producing a sense of naturalness and, thus, a form of connection with the text. your users

In the job market, several sectors, such as health, education and finance, are experimenting with the use of technology to reduce costs and innovate. This should be taken as a strong and positive point, but with a critical eye and understanding that the algorithm has limitations when it comes to specific domains. For example, in retail, GPT Chat is not able to delve into the after-sales process or customer retention.

In education, Chat GPT can be revolutionary in many ways, if used in a positive way. From the student’s perspective, the tool serves as a great “virtual helper” for understanding new learning and research, allowing the student to develop critical thinking about the responses produced by the algorithm, interacting and learning as the dialogue develops. . From the perspective of teachers, it can help in the development of contents, automating the creation of classes, formulation of questions and in the analysis of materials submitted by students, identifying if there is any type of plagiarism in the material.

On the other hand, if used indiscriminately and without restrictions, it will cause very great collateral damage in the learning process, since the GPT Chat can easily perform tasks that should be part of the students’ development, such as answering questions and producing essays.

In general, it is possible to observe that artificial intelligence is a gain for society, bringing more efficiency and agility to people’s daily lives. However, as with all technologies that are in the routine of human beings, it is important to use it with a critical sense, intelligence and moderation. Rest assured that this new tool did not come to replace people, but rather to raise the quality of the work carried out.

Article originally published in Diário do Comércio.

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