ilegra is an innovative consulting studio that revolves around people. We´ve been in the market for over 15 years, serving companies that are leaders in their segments and developing strategic partnerships using our own combination of design methodologies and technological approach.

We work with clients to identify opportunities for the creation of new products, processes and services. Whenever needed, our team develops and operates modern mobile and web softwares throughout DevOps practices. To facilitate the adoption of new behaviors and technologies, we provided a human change management solution, making sure you achieve value and improve your market share.

Mission Values


Immediate Consultoria e Sistemas was the name given to the company when it was created on March 7, 2002. After five years on the market, a need to change the brand was perceived. After conducting several studies and extensive research, the best way to name and symbolize the company, which stands out from the crowd with its creativity and joy, was found: the ilegra brand had arrived. The brand merges the "i" commonly used in information technology with "legra" from the word for joy in Portuguese.

The expression "think beyond" was added to the slogan which today is part of the ilegra way.

Taking different paths, breaking paradigms, questioning established logic and standards have led ilegra to create more valuable solutions that are a step forward. For us, thinking beyond means trying to see things from a new angle, which is why we want employees and clients on our side that also believe and think beyond.


Get to know the founding partners of ilegra, who are ahead of the company during these 12 years of existence.

Anderson Lattuada

Anderson is the head of the Financial and Human Resources Department, in addition to the Strategic Management of the American unit of ilegra in Ohio. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, a graduate degree in Corporate Finance and in Business and People Management, also has an MBA in IT Strategic Management. He is currently the professor of the postgraduate course in Software Quality at Unisinos and integrates the Managing Council of the Enterprise Acceleration Program (Programa de Aceleração de Empreendimentos, PROA) of PUCRS.

Ivã Dagoberto Boesing

Ivã leads the development team and software infrastructure, being responsible for the Strategic Management of the Technical Area. He has training in Computer Science with Emphasis in Basic Software by the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. He has extensive technical experience, team management and driving delivery projects of the company.

Roger Pires Muller

Roger is the Director of Alianças and SAP, acting in getting large technology partners together such as SAP, Oracle and Google. He plays the role of facilitator to integrate enterprise services with new technologies of these business partners. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Systems Analysis and a graduate degree in eBusiness and MBA in Business Management.

Romulo Marques Dornelles

Romulo is the Sales, Marketing and Innovation Director. He is a member of the business councils in Porto Alegre: AHK, Softsul and COMCET. He has a master degree in innovation from UFRGS, MBA in Services Marketing from ESPM-Sul, International Executive MBA from UFRGS and is gratuated in Business Administration with emphasis in Systems Analysis from PUC-RS.