CMPC Celulose Riograndense migrates to Google cloud and achieves greater productivity and savings

CMPC Celulose Riograndense, a unit of the Chilean group CMPC, migrated all of their 1,100 email account to the Google cloud. The project is part of an initiative for the entire corporation in Latin America, involving a total of 15,000 accounts.

The initiation began with the group’s headquarters in Chile, in March of this year, conducted by Orion, an American Google Partner. Upon arriving in Brazil, the IT department of the local CMPC unit located in Guaíba, Rio Grande do Sul, realized the need to adopt a local partner to support the services, as well as execute activities not initially included in the Orion scope, and to provide user training.

That was when the company hired ilegra, in Porto Alegre. “ilegra had already provided other services of CMPC, and had already introduced us to the Google platform,” said Rafael Gonçalves, CMPC Infrastructure Specialist.

CMPC adopted all of the applications of the Google platform. According to Gonçalves, the primary gain was brought by collaboration tools, such as Google Drive, Hangouts, and the entire Google Sites part, which sped up previously slow processes.

“Today, we have online meetings, interactivity for presentations, and agility. For example, I am working on a project with a company in São Paulo  who also uses the Google platforms, and everything is controlled using the apps. So, we analyze, work, and share documentation through the Drive, we share and discuss meeting minutes online, hold meetings via Hangouts, and make presentations and promote the necessary alterations through the platform. It was a huge productivity gain,” said Gonçalves.

The Google platform was also well accepted by users. According to Gonçalves, the company thought it would be a slow process, with a gradual resolution of usability problems. However, of the over 500 trained employees, almost 50% already used Gmail at home, and were used to sharing information and using tools that are flexible and accessible on mobile devices.

So much so that, with the new platform, some company rules and restrictions ended up being canceled, such as restricting access to corporate e-mails outside the company to only a few groups of employees. After migration to the cloud, access was given to all.

“Throughout the entire project, we had ilegra’s support. We chose the company as a supplier because we knew them and we had good referrals from other companies that migrated to the Google cloud with them,” said Gonçalves. “They took on a project that was a bit different from the other migrations done for the Group in Latin America, because we made some adjustments for our unit, and they conducted it well, from beginning to end. We were very pleased,” he added.

Also, according to the Infrastructure specialist, adhering to the cloud is a constant at Celulose Riograndense, which uses cloud computing for their Electronic Fiscal Invoice, external sites, and the SAP ERP they use.

Celulose Riograndense is a part of CMPC and operates in the domestic and international market for eucalyptus short fiber pulp. The company has a factory in the city of Guaíba, in the Porto Alegre metropolitan area, in a 106 hectare plant.

The company generates  80% of the energy required for pulp production in their own factory, and generates energy for their own use from pulp production waste in sufficient quantity to meet the needs for a city of 200,000 inhabitants.

In Chile, CMPC is a pioneer in pulp and paper manufacturing. It is one of the main companies in the Forestry sector in Latin America, and is present in over 50 countries in 5 continents. With over 25 factories, they have approximately eight thousand employees operating in five business segments through the following companies: CMPC Florestal (forestry), CMPC Celulose (pulp), CMPC Papéis (paper), CMPC Tissue and CMPC Produtos de Papel (paper products).