Integrating teams to transform IT

In addition to development and operation services, ilegra also relies on extensive knowledge in integrated solutions between both traditional IT areas and our business area, with the goal of bringing transformation to our clients based on the DevOps culture.

Software Architecture

We have created robust, scalable and flexible software architecture solutions, combining the best technologies to support business strategies. Companies are increasingly seeking for agility in order to meet the new demands, flexibility in changes and reuse of services. Therefore, we use the SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) concept. We are prepared to deal with legacy systems, various types of technologies and vendors that together increase the complexity.

DevOps Engineering

All major corporations usually face IT problems related to loss of agility, delay in deliveries, performance and scalability issues, among many other aspects that restrict business growth. These problems are usually related to the way their software is conceived, built and managed. Our expertise and consultancy in DevOps engineering allows us to deliver the most advanced DevOps solutions that our clients need to succeed.


Our DevOps consulting strategy is geared towards mode 2 of the Bimodal IT with a focus on agility and value for the client’s business. Our efforts are based on the principles of risk reduction, lean architectures and lowering costs with support of open source technologies.

devops-principles devops-table

Technologies that our team is prepared to meet

– Redis
– Cassandra
– Netflix/Dynomite
– CouchDB
– MongoDB
– ElasticSearch
– Solr

– C
– Java
– Scala
– Python
– Ruby
– Groovy
– NodeJS

– Ansible
– Jenkins
– Bash
– Packer
– Terraform
– Vagrant
– Docker

Stream Processing
– Esper
– Apache Flume
– Akka Stream
– Apache Storm

– Eureka
– Karyon
– Servo
– Hystrix
– Turbine
– Ribbon
– RX
– CE
– Vector
– Governator
– Dynomite
– Zuul
– Prana
– Simian Army / Chaos Monkey

– Akka Cluster
– Vert.X
– ActiveMQ
– RabbitMQ
– Zookeper
– Netty
– Jetty

Stress Testing / Chaos Engineering
– Gatling
– Jmeter
– Simian Army / Chaos Monkey


Discover our cases

DevOps – Media Company

One of the biggest media companies in the world. Social Innovation product running on the AWS cloud. Hundreds of instances with Casandra, Dynomite/Redis, ElasticSearch and Kafka. Our team did software architecture, DevOps Engineering for Performance and Telemetry. Working with:

  • AWS Cloud-Native Reactive Microservices
  • NetflixOSS Stack: Eureka, RxJava, Karyon, Governator, Ribbon, Hystrix, Turbine, Servo,  Archaius, ICE, Asgard, Dynomite.
  • Immutable Infrastructure, Infrastructure as CODE using Ansible
  • Vagrant, Packer and Terraform
  • Telemetry: Sensu, Uchiwa, CollectD, Burrow, ELK, Graylog2.
  • Chaos Engineering using Simian Army
  • Build with Gradle, Nexus and Jenkins.
  • Languages: Java 8, Groovy, Python and Ruby.

DevOps – RBS

The largest GLOBO affiliate creating  Journalistic Content, entertainment through radio and television stations, newspapers and Internet portals. Digital media company that has a large softwares portfolio, 24 websites and mobile apps for their radio stations and a portal ( with approximately 500,000 simultaneous requests. Our team did DevOps Engineering and:

  • A Custom automated platform (Glassfish servers, Ruby on Rails, Django, nginx, varnish, puppet, jenkins / about 10 teams)
  • TSURU Platform as a Service (about 5 teams)
  • OpenShift experiments
  • HEROKU Platform as a Service (about 5 teams)
  • Total Infrastructure as a code (DSC – Desired State Configuration)
  • Continuous delivery with Jenkins


DevOps – Supply Tax Solution

Company responsible for audition and compliance over brazilian taxes and smart  marketplace of supply products for companies given the cost-effective view. What our team did:

  • DevOps Engineering
  • + 15 microservices
  • NoSQL: DynamoDB, CouchDB, Redis, ElasticSearch
  • RDBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLServer
  • Java, Scala using Play Framework
  • Deployment Fully Automated using Jenkins, Mcollective, sbt and github
  • Cloud Native App