Architecture and Tuning on e-commerce


Grupo Dimed Panvel is compound by one of the biggest pharmacetical drugs and perfumary distributor in Brazil and the biggest drugstore chain in the southern of the country.


Administrate more than 6TB of information including their database which includes all Dimed/Panvel business and the main base used on the online selling and in the drugstores network.

What has been done:

– Implementation of “DBA as a Service” model to administrate corporation’s database, including a team especialized in 24x7x365 service and SLAs that would atend the needs of the business, both guaranteeing through the use of formal processes based on ITIL (Good standart practices on the IT segment). The service is manged in a uninterrupted and transparent scalability way.

– Evaluation and optimization of the oracle licensing and the maintenance of the stabilization and improvement of the performance. Project development on the technical update of oracle’s database from 9i version to 11g.

– Project development aiming the contingency in a storage level, known as the step before of the Real Application Cluster (RAC).


Decrease in operating costs of managing the environment; increased availability of features in the database layer for applications; Stabilization of the services through the use of a platform homologated and certificated by its manufacturers; Performance improvement with a better use of cache.