E-commerce in the cloud: Vertis offers platform on Amazon with support from ilegra

Vertis, a commerce solutions and services company, migrated their programs and applications to the Software as a Service-SaaS model in the cloud on Amazon Web Services with ilegra, business and IT company. The migration project went on for 6 months, with a transparent migration. As an strategy, the company intends to bring the solution to the different niches of customers.

The Brazilian e-commerce market is increasingly heated – in 2014 there was a growth of 24% in comparison with the previous year, with revenues of BRL 35.8 billion – the volume of orders placed via internet reached 103.4 million, 17% higher than 2013*. In this panorama, eCommerce platforms require systems with high availability, due to the amount of sales that can be lost to competitors, in case the system/site is unavailable. To support the high number of visits, the systems must have good platforms, and the cloud’s proposal can surely meet this demand.

Vertis offers its SaaS systems in the cloud, designed for large e-commerce retail and B2B companies (companies that sell to other companies). As advantages, cloud computing offers a high availability at a cost that represents a fraction of similar solution using dedicated servers. For Christian Vidigal Guimarães, Director of Vertis, among other advantages, one can quote the scalability, support to demand peaks, flexibility, cost reduction and prevention of active issues, architectures of affordable high availability and security for all data.

The bet in this service started with the market perception of the company. The partnership with ilegra was due to a referral of a Vertis’ client. “ilegra operated a tuning of database in our client demonstrating competence. We have worked with companies that solve problems effectively and that was the technical ability that ilegra was able to show. We have decided to hire ilegra to implement and manage the new service, the e-commerce system in the cloud”, saidGuimarães. The partnership with ilegra supports in the operation and support, with the availability of systems infrastructure in the cloud. As the future of the partnership, there is expectation to evolve the product with the best technologies available. “There is a need to create a culture of cloud in enterprise environments so that the companies can also see the advantages of this product”, says Guimarães.

The company helps its customers through “ilegra cloud services” to optimize the computational infrastructure investments through cloud computing solutions. The service comprises several levels in the process of resource usage in the cloud: consultancy, transition, support and monitoring, deployment and administration and management. Vertis case is just one of our experiences in that beyond the technical part, the client’s business is optimized with solutions that generate proportional savings to the use and performance on demand.

*(WebShoppers Report, conducted by E-Bit, 2015)