Hoepers propels credit recovery with Oracle RAC on Extended Distance Clusters

Project conducted by ilegra reduces in 50% the total execution time of relocation and data imports.

It is in operation at Hoepers S.A, one of the leading companies in credit recovery and financial assets of the country, since the end of April, the high availability solution known as Oracle RAC on Extended Distance Clusters. The project was implemented by ilegra in order to update the technology of the database environment, strengthen the contingency and improve the performance of the enterprise applications. The solution was developed through a hardware update as well as both physical and virtual structural changes in the technological environment.

According to Paulo Retamozo, Hoepers’ IT manager, since the company’s main clients are bank institutions, the investment in safety and technology is constant. Hoepers’ 13 units perform the operational coverage throughout Brazil, connecting by a network to the system located at the headquarters in Porto Alegre. According to Retamozo, “In the billing business, the transactions cannot stop; if the billing departments have execution loss, the entry of profits is impaired.” The project developed in partnership with ilegra benefits the performance of these applications, which have simultaneous access from 1,300 users.

The solution implemented by ilegra awards an Oracle RAC distributed between two different data centers, each using a storage, ensuring reading and writing of both during the operation. The results in a month of deployment are positive and are expressed as gains in application performance as: a 50% reduction in total execution time of relocation and imports; 65% reduction in execution time of the full backup (Backup Oracle Base); and 70% reduction in the time of extracting the data from the operational base. Besides these gains, there is improvement in the productivity of the system users.

Tiago Fontoura, infrastructure manager at Hoepers, pleased with the improvement, says that as the environment is more complex, the IT department is adapting to the changes. The expectation is that an update is done periodically in the servers, in order to track the evolution of the company.  “ilegra, in the condition of being a partner since 2004, follows the transformations and provides the complete service so that Hoepers can reach new merchandising heights”, ends the manager.