Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre is a pioneer in the use of Google Glass in the South region

HCPA is the first public hospital in Brazil to test the tool

Already known for its innovation trajectory, Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre (HCPA) has just taken another step towards the development of future health: through a partnership with ilegra, Business and IT Solutions Company, the hospital is using Google Glass pilot version. The pilot version aimed to verify how much Glass can do to improve and optimize the hospital’s everyday activities, and this is the first time that the gadget is used in a public hospital, in the South region of the country.

Glass was used, in its pilot version in HCPA, during a surgery and with the mobile x-ray (device that is carried to the bedside to conduct tests). Among the features that the gadget offers are, besides the photographic record and video procedures, its live stream, via streaming. Since Clínicas is a teaching hospital, this function is very attractive for the training of students and residents in surgery. Future potentialities for the gadget that can be explored in this specialty are the consultation of patient’s exams in real-time during the procedure, the patient’s health record integration for image storage and the use of augmented reality for planning and performing surgeries.

The pilot with Google Glass at Hospital de Clínicas started on October 26 and was completed on November 19, confirming the partnership of HCPA and ilegra. In 2014, ilegra supported the hospital in its migration of more than 8 thousand accounts to Google Apps for Education, strengthening the innovative and collaborative culture of HCPA. The activity is part of the HCPA project named Conecta (Connects), which anticipates the partnership with ilegra for the optimization of the Google apps usage and the possibilities of improvement of the hospital’s processes with the use of technology.