HUB ILEGRA: ilegra’s institutional newsletter is redesigned

Out now the fully remodeled ilegra’s newsletter! Based on studies of the company’s marketing team involving research with ilegra’s employees, clients and prospects, references and trends research, plus a namming process, coming now Hub Ilegra: the new newsletter. And the big news is that Hub ilegra also has an English version.


What does Hub mean?

1: the central part of a circular object (as a wheel or propeller); 2a: a center of activity: focal point; b: an airport or city through which an airline routes most of its traffic; c: a central device that connects multiple computers on a single network; 3: a steel punch from which a working die for a coin or medal is made.

Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary at


Why Hub ilegra?

Hub Ilegra brings the idea that the newsletter broadcasts and disseminates information, having as a main feature that the information is sent to many recipients at the same time. In this sense,Hub Ilegra came up with the strategy to interconnect ilegra’s stakeholders, with company information and relevant content to different needs. As in a hub it is possible to have multiple ports, i.e. entries to connect cables, the newsletter hub ilegra brings different “hubs” to be broadcasted – which are categories of content such as – More Technology Hub, Aliances Hub, Business Hub, Innovation Hub, Management Hub and Ilegra Hub. The Hubs are differentiated by colors, so that in every issue the reader can easily identify the subject of the news.

Stay tuned for many interesting and interactive content coming out soon. Interested? How about signing up or refering to someone? Send an email to and sign up for Hub ilegra.