Human Centered Design: How the big players are using it to create new products

Creativity is swallowing the traditional industry as we know it. New businesses are changing the relationship that major players had previously with the market. Specifically in the financial industry, which is the case of Visa, the scenario is no different: new digital native companies are snapping up the market.


How the big players are reinventing themselves to stay ahead? Using tools like Design.

To Mark Jamison, Global Head of New Product, R&D and Design of Visa, who spoke at Campus Party Brazil 2016, Human Centered Design supports the design of new products in the company and other global organizations like Mc Donalds. For him, is the design based on human needs that will help companies to create more solutions and therefore, have more success in their markets. As a process, Mark points out that after using several design techniques, is the speed and interaction that will help you to think big, start small and scale the new projects, products and services fast. To complete the process, there is a need to reinvent their industry to lead the disruptions in the area. It is an innovative path that will surely bring great results for the business, he concludes.

ilegra is already looking at this trends and has been applying the design methodology for deliver the best solution to our customers. Cases as Icatu Seguros, a brazilian insurance company, can help you better understand how thinking before the software can differentiate a product or service.