Icatu Seguros launches simulator with ilegra’s support



Icatu Seguros, which specializes in insurance and pension plans, will launch a new tool on the market in the coming months. Thinking on family protection and retirement planning, “Na Medida” will help people find the balance between these two investments. The simulator, which was developed in partnership with ilegra, will be available on the web and in the mobile version. The consumer will have the suggestion of the ideal investment in accordance with their asset, professional and family composition.

Initially the challenge of “Na Medida” was to be able to attractively and effectively present the information compiled by the simulator. The project, which is in progress since August 2012, went through some changes until it got to its current version. The process of co-creation between ilegra and Icatu Seguros involves the application of agile methodology covering the development of the concept, visual identity and its programming.

What has been done:

The concept of the simulator “Na Medida” takes into account the user’s lifestyle-to achieve the balance between private life and pension insurance. The differential of the simulator is to analyze these needs and, through a quick user interaction, provide a statement with the summary of their consumption. It is still possible to scale and calculate the monthly investment within the planned budget in the simulation.


Humberto Sardenberg, head of the Marketing Department at Icatu Seguros, said that “Na Medida” aims to enable the insurance broker to act as a financial adviser. “Our partners need to understand the demands and the financial realities of the customers, in order to advise them and offer the most appropriate service”, said Sardenberg. Although brokers represent the primary audience, the intention is that the simulator, a novelty in the Brazilian market, be useful to the general public.

The joint work between Icatu Seguros and ilegra ensures synergy and partnership necessary to deliver the best service to customers. “Before, at Icatu, another design methodology was used, implementation of agile methods in marketing through the model proposed by ilegra fits perfectly with the demands that we have”, adds Humberto Sardenberg. We hope that “Na Medida” becomes a part of the lives of clients and that it may enable a different way of thinking about the future, concludes Sardenberg.