ilegra develops exclusive security app for Icatu Seguros

How much is needed to save to keep the standard of living in retirement? The app “Target”, that has just been released by Icatu Seguros, developed in a partnership with ilegra, has emerged to give that answer to those who are concerned with designing their future in regard to private pensions. The application supplements the Simulador Target Web, which has undergone an overhaul also conducted by the firm specializing in IT solutions, ilegra.

With the application, whose first version was developed for iPhone and will soon be available for Android, you can identify the monthly amount you need to invest in security, besides e-mailing the result of the simulation. The app also allows you to see the behavior of user’s expenses over the life; it stores in the device the history of simulations and makes comparisons among different results, as well as having the ability to contact insurer’s experts. “The mobile version of the “Target” simulator is meant to reinforce Icatu Seguros’ commitment in providing specialized information about private security to its network of policy holders, brokers and the general population in a quick and easy way”, states Humberto Sardenberg, company marketing superintendent.

The design and execution of the application, carried out by ilegra, which serves Icatu Seguros since 2011, features a simple navigation and explores colors and fonts that make more intuitive the user’s experience. The application development prioritized the co-creation between the ilegra and Icatu Seguros teams, besides the working together between developers and designers. The result is already in the air, freely available to anyone who wants to know more about the app and discover their “Target” at the AppStore.

To download for free, go to: