ilegra develops new site for the Bourbon Hotels & Resorts Chain

Bourbon & Resorts Hotels Chain released this last November its new corporate website with support from ilegra, company business and IT solutions. The project was carried out throughout the year of 2014 and encompassed all stages starting from the idea “before the software” until the development, implementation and migration to the new site and maintenance platform. Already in the first month there was a growth of 120% on the online booking, which went way beyond the Chain’s expectations.

In order to adapt the content to the new technological platforms and facilitate the access and the navigation of customers as well as of the employees, the project went through stages that contemplated the techniques of hidden client insight research, benchmarking, competition and guests of the chain of hotels. After these stages, upon gathering all data from the research, a creative concept was developed, which used ilegra’s Tactile service to validate the site through wireframe, graphic development, and technical development.

The result was a clean, light and modern website, presenting information interactively and intuitive, introducing innovative and recent tools and features, which makes booking and payment of stays easy and fast. “With a few clicks, the user sets the destination city, determines the unit of your choice, chooses the dates of arrival and departure, reports the number of guests, fills in the registration and reserves the room of their choice”, says the Marketing Director for Bourbon Chain, Adriana Cardoso. “In addition, in the new site, the client monitors the status of the reservation until check-in and can pay by credit card, all online,” says Cardoso, highlighting the agility of the new system.

In addition to the practical results there could also be measured increased bookings via the corporate site, higher number of access through mobile platforms and ease of management of the contents of the site by the developers of the Chain.