ilegra excels in 75% its growth target in 2014

The company’s projection for 2015 is optimistic

 ilegra, a business and IT solutions company, ended 2014 with a revenue of approximately 20 million. The plan was to grow 12% and 21% was reached, surpassing in 75% the initial growth projection, despite the atypical year, with World Cup, economic instability and elections. The company had a balanced distribution of the income source of their products and services, which was a result of a change in its offer that began in 2011 and culminated in the portfolio change in 2014, expanding its offering to its customers’ business areas, besides IT.

In 2014, there was the acquisition of 49 new clients. The company increased its participation in new markets with SC, PR, SP, and USA, following its strategic orientation of growth through the development of new markets. In addition, ilegra has expanded its customer base in segments such as: financial, retail, hospitality, hospitals, and means of payment, among others.

Through its strategic 3-year plan (2014-2016), ilegra aims to double its operations by the end of the cycle and strengthen its global positioning, aligning the company with a vision of the future, to strengthen its existing pillars: innovation, entrepreneurship, and business view integrated to IT. In this scenario, the announcement of the Programa de Gestão da Inovação (Innovation Management Program) – Pii- and ilegra product development, which seek to achieve new models that bring high profitability to the company. For Romulo Marques Dornelles, Innovation and Marketing Commercial Director, “the new positioning of ilegra, closer and more focused on customer’s satisfaction, with an increasingly global presence and open to partnerships, defines a new cycle of the company”.

This coming March, the company completes 13 years of operations, having as the head of its management, since its foundation, Anderson Lattuada, Ivã Boesing, Roger Muller and Romulo Marques Dornelles. The founding members are optimistic with the prospects for 2015, predicting an increase of approximately 30% in turnover, against the forecasts of market growth. With motivated people and with a differentiated offer they believe it is possible to reach this level.