ilegra for the third year among the best companies to work for in IT and Telecom

The annual awards Best Places to Work in IT & Telecom of the Great Place to Work Institute took place on July 29 in São Paulo, in a partnership with Computer World. For the third consecutive year ilegra was ranked as a highlight among the award winners, being classified in the 17th position. The assessment takes into account the views of the employees and the best practices and benefits for the workplace. ilegra was the best placed among companies of Porto Alegre and region.

According to Anderson Lattuada, ilegra’s HR and financial director, the continuing recognition demonstrates the investment that the company does not only in employee development, but also in the search for a balance between the professional and personal scopes.  Highlights include incentive programs for quality of life, the existence of an internal social network, the use of gamification strategy in routine activities and the use of collaborative platforms.

Besides thinking in the employees, attracting new professionals who meet ilegra’s profile is also of utmost importance to create a unique environment. “The biggest difference is that the fun is linked to the idea of ​​knowledge and learning, without leaving aside the commitment. ilegra is a place where we feel comfortable, we can overcome limits and seek to do better in a proactive way”, ends Lattuada.