ilegra Honors Clients and Projects at End of Year Party

On November 25th, we celebrated the close of a successful and innovative year along with our clients. For the first time, we held our traditional party in São Paulo, at Google headquarters, also celebrating the strengthening of ilegra in the southeast region during 2015. In an event that offered synesthetic experiences to the guests through dinning and interaction activities, the evening was also a time for remembering the closing year’s achievements and to plan for the new upcoming challenges.

For ilegra, 2015 was an important year for consolidating new business services, helping companies innovate. We also reinforced our offering of cloud services, our operations with DevOps, and our efforts with Google Apps for Work. Regarding our partnerships, we were recognized as Premier Partners of Google Brazil and Advanced partners of Amazon.

The event also honored some of our clients, recognizing the trust they placed in ilegra. We highlighted companies in five different categories, according to our supply of services:

The Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations Services at Whirlpool, Omar Pinheiro, represented his company, receiving the award for the main change and transformation case with Google Apps for Work conducted by ilegra.

Orizon, represented by Anderson Kwiatkoski and by Leandro Gomes, was honored for their belief in culture change, with the adoption of DevOps and other services we offer.

Cibele Brunhara, representing Cielo, received our award for the reformulation of the company’s logged-in portion of their website, one of the most accessed in Brazil.

The Rede Bourbon Hotéis & Resorts, represented by Pedro Oliveira, was recognized for having believed in ilegra and for being the client who contracted our full portfolio, from end to end, starting before the software, with the development, management of the Chain’s website in the cloud, and the implementation of Google Apps for Work.

Our thanks was also shown to Bradesco, for the different innovation projects they gave to ilegra. Patrícia Sarro, from the Technological Innovation Department, received our homage and appreciation for having shared such strategic projects with us, allowing us to make a difference.