ilegra is among the best to work in IT and Telecom for the second time in a row

The company was awarded by the Great Place to Work and ComputerWorld winning the 27th position.

ilegra, a company specializing in IT, was recognized for the second consecutive time as one of the 100 best Brazilian companies to work in the IT and Telecom areas by the Great Place to Work. Besides the 27th position, the company was recognized for quality of life, training, and is also one of the best among the small businesses. In addition ilegra is also one of the “30 Best Small & Medium Companies to Work – Brazil,” a partnership between the Great Place to Work Institute and Época Magazine.

“Knowing and understanding the needs of the workforce are essential to create a good working environment,” says Anderson Lattuada, founding partner and director of Human Resources and Financial Departments of ilegra. One example is the company’s intranet, which was inspired by football as a theme, since this is one of the recurrent subjects among employees. The subject is still approached with the ilegra indoor arena six-a-side soccer Cup and aims to promote integration among employees, who can also interact with colleagues in happy hours and quarterly meetings with all areas of the company. To encourage the pursuit of knowledge there are subsidies for certifications in technologies and cost support of 50% for English courses.

In the Climate Survey conducted in 2011, the most highlighted aspects by the employees were the flexibility of schedules, the company’s transparency, besides easy access to the leaders and directors. “The good working environment in ilegra goes from an open door policy, in which people can express their opinions, to a more specific program, such as English help. It is essential the intersection between corporate values ​​and practices, because that is what creates our culture and makes ilegra, since its beginnings, a company where people enjoy working,” highlights Lattuada.

After the conquest, ilegra’s main challenge is to maintain this climate in a structure of growth and continue to make the company culture internalized among its employees. Thus it tries to attract, from the market, creative people with team spirit, committed and transparent, besides retaining current employees. “To keep ilegra way of being, we seek professionals with these characteristics, who, not surprisingly, are our values,” concludes Lattuada.


The survey conducted by GPTW – international consulting specialist in working environment – to select the best companies to work for is done in partnership with ComputerWorld magazine and based on two assessments: one with employees, who respond voluntarily and anonymously to a questionnaire on the work environment, and another with the company itself, detailing its best management practices and benefits for the excellence of the work environment. According to the Great Place to Work a good place to work is one where the members trust the people they work with, are proud of what they do and like their coworkers. The Institute’s model includes five dimensions of analysis: Credibility, Respect, Impartiality, Pride and Camaraderie.