ilegra is one of the Best Companies to Work For in Information Technology in Brasil

ilegra was considered one of the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ in Information Technology in the country, an award granted by Great Place to Work (GPTW) at an event held on 08/06, in São Paulo. This was the fifth time the company won the prize in the IT category, aside from having previously won in the National and Regional Rio Grande do Sul categories.

The awards crown a strategy of constant investment in the qualification and motivation of ilegra´s 160 professionals, as well as in the quality of the working environment and the solutions offered to its customers. In ilegra´s annual internal climate survey, the overall satisfaction rate was at 86% and the quality of life and the company’s image among the main strengths highlighted by the employees.

According to the Human Resources Manager of ilegra, Cláudia Klamt, the company’s main actions are designed with a focus on employee development and aim to promote team engagement.

“We want our employees to have quality of life and feel that they are in a company that cares about their professional development. We promote actions that cause discomfort, generating changes and strengthening our employes in order to consolidate an entrepreneurial culture within ilegra”, says Cláudia.

Other prominent actions are internal programs such as IMilegra, IMGood and Be+.

The IMilegra program disseminates the company´s values and experience. Among the actions carried out in 2015 are the implementation of collaborative and interactive General Meetings with managers promoting everyone´s integration; ilegra´s anniversary, for which the concept “the vibration that makes us grow” was developed;and encouraging employees to leave their marks and messages at ilegra´s headquarters showing what the company means to them.

IMilegra also brought to 2015 the “Let’s Talk” initiative. This moment was intended so that developers could learn first-hand about new services and products developed by the company. The action aimed to bring an immersion in ilegra´s various strategic guidelines.

Encouraging the physical, psychological and social well being of employees as well as the balance between personal and professional, ilegra created “IMGood”. The program aims to encourage employees to reflect on their actions and have a better engagement, in order for that to happen, employees, through department representatives, form a committee which contributes and defines main activities to be developed. Conjointly, the Draft Beer Month and the Fruit Month have already been created in addition to the provision of massage therapy and video games.

ilegra also promotes Organizational Learning programs, with training, development and technical training actions. “Friday Talk”, facilitated by employees of the software development department, deals with technology issues; and there´s also “English For Fun”, a weekly program that encourages the strengthening of English in a fun way through games, group dynamics and music, either face-to-face or online, not only for workers located at ilegra´s headquarters but also to those located in São Paulo or in clients.

In order to develop leadership, the program Be+Leader was strengthened, promoting training on management practices and models, behavior and coaching to directors, managers and team leaders.

“Being among the best ranked in GPTW IT generates a very positive return for the company, which has always invested in improvement on employees´ satisfaction, appreciation,and well-being,” explains Cláudia. “In addition, we continue to invest in training and in integrating all levels of staff. We believe that the satisfaction of our employees raises customer satisfaction “, concludes.