ilegra manages Oncoprod services on Amazon’s cloud

Oncoprod, a brazilian leading company in the distribution of high complexity pharmaceutical products, recently migrated their e-commerce to Amazon’s Cloud. In order to ensure the performance of the new environment, the company hired ilegra to provide operation and administration services of all the platform that supports Oncorp’s e-commerce. Through IaaS and PaaS from Amazon (AWS), the service enables ilegra to direct their efforts on the company’s infrastructure, so that Oncoprod can focus on their business.

In order to ensure performance and uptime of 100%, the professionals at ilegra are responsible for carrying out monitoring and proactive administration (24 x 7 x 365) of the environment from the treatment of incidents, problems, changes or requests for service. Through an experienced team with Professional certification in AWS, ilegra can advise about the best practices of using AWS, in order to provide Oncoprod a technological solution suited to their business with optimized operating costs.

The service named “ilegra cloud services” optimizes computational infrastructure investments through cloud computing solutions. Complete and customizable to the needs of customers, ilegra’s cloud service offers several models of applications: advisory, transition, support and monitoring, deployment and administration, and management.