Learn more about the CIC: the largest cluster of startups in the world

CIC’s mission is to change the world through the development of an innovation ecosystem that allows entrepreneurs to innovate more quickly and efficiently. One of the ways they adopt to achieve this is by offering infrastructure (flexible and high quality offices) and actively building startup communities in premium locations of cities focused on the future. The proposal is that the only concern of entrepreneurs should be their business, while CIC manages their office and provide exchanges between colleagues who seek the same: innovate.

CIC was founded in 1999 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and today is the largest cluster of startups in the world. Has already housed more than 1,400 startups, many of which were developed and making profits, and now house 800 companies in 110,000 square meters of premium office and co-working spaces across seven facilities. The CIC companies come from a wide variety of industries, and although the community is composed primarily of startups, it also includes large companies, investors and service providers.

The Director of Marketing, Sales and Innovation of ilegra, Romulo Dornelles, attended the MIT Sloan’s Entrepreneurship Development Program, one of the most recognized courses for entrepreneurs in the world. During his stay in Boston, he had the opportunity to meet CIC and get a gist of the routine of the companies. If you are in one of the cities where the group has offices, you can also schedule a visit and see firsthand how the cluster has been supporting innovative startups and ideas to develop and change their community and the world.