New IT era at Embraco: 6 thousand global accounts migrated to Google for Work with ilegra’s support

Project integrated company units in Brazil, United States, Italy, China, Slovakia, Mexico and Russia

                      Porto Alegre (RS), December 17, 2014-Embraco, the world leader in innovation in the market of hermetic compressors for refrigeration, migrated in 2014 for the collaborative tool Google Apps for Work. The transition of the email platform included 6 thousand accounts in all sectors of Embraco in the head-office as well as in the branches of the United States, Italy, China, Slovakia, Mexico and Russia. The project, which took four months to be completes, was managed by Embraco’s technology team in partnership with ilegra, a business and IT solutions company.

The company’s goal with the change was to have a current email management tool to speed up actions and decisions, simplify processes, collect resources to improve efficiency, promote agility and growth in addition to maintaining the level of security, with wider availability, anytime, anywhere.

Initially the accounts have been migrated to the Gmail messaging service, using tools like Calendar, online calendar, and Hangouts, conversations and video calls by online chat. These facilitate communication, collaboration and integration into the employees’ routine. The Human Change Management(HCM), methodology adapted by ilegra, assisted Embraco throughout the change and facilitated the integration of collaborators.

“The advantage of the entire project was communication. The Human Change Management  decision to use the continuous distribution of information to employees about the changes that were occurring and the next steps that would be taken has caused the implementation of Google’s Works to occur smoothly, without doubts or disorders among employees. The HCM did what we expected and even more, creating an atmosphere of expectation for the change”, says Raul Moreira, Embraco’s Information Technology Director.

The training of over 600 employees, the aid of 350 google guides (trained staff to assist other employees in technical change) and the creation of more than 250 reports in several languages for developers enabled a successful go live (day of migration). The whole structure used provided low incidence of problems that were quickly resolved, with no red alerts.

“In addition to the recommendation of ilegra to use Google, we have select the company because we felt it understood the challenge that it would be to carry out the implementation of more than 6 thousand email accounts distributed among officials from seven countries and different languages”, adds Raul.

Embraco, along with ilegra and Google now have plans to expand the use of the Google for Work tools.