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Managing IT infrastructures

We bring our development solutions to you by allocating ilegra professionals to projects requiring a physical presence at our clients’ locations.

Performance optimization projects

Optimize database performance is often a key factor for business and this is one of the ilegra services in the infrastructure area. Analyze the environment and highlight the points that need to be improved, both in software and hardware level to ensure the best possible performance, allowing the increase of applications speed and services, the decrease in the response time of queries and the improvement of the transactions performance as a whole.
We also conduct the analysis of environments, where we evaluate all layers of the infrastructure, seeking for possible offenders for the performance of applications and services. This type of service is often an alternative to investment for heavy and costly hardware.


ilegra offers administration and environment support services (ongoing). We are active in all phases of development of an environment, since the installation of the infrastructure until the delivery of the business service monitoring. We also offer fully functional operation and carry out environment monitoring in permanent regime 24x7x365. The management of application servers and operating systems is also a technical competence of our team. We operate under the “as a service” model that ensures scalability of services, fixed costs, in addition to collective experience coupled and shared.

MONaaS (L1)

Service providing the client with a monitoring tool (Zabbix), 24x7x365 operation, and customized monitoring options that may include dashboards and business indicators.


ilegra cloud services

We help our customers optimize their investments with computational infrastructure through cloud computing solutions, which may be private, public or hybrid. The service comprises several levels in the process of resource usage in the cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a wide range of global computing, storage, database, analysis, application and implementation services that help organizations move faster, lower costs and scale their applications.

Google Cloud Platform consists of a variety of cloud-based services that allows you to create anything from simple websites to complex applications.