scagil: troubleshooting and scalable solutions is the new service of ilegra

Exclusive service aimed at companies with high criticality environments.

Realizing that businesses that depend on a stable environment that supports numerous transactions per second to meet its business, ilegra innovates and launches an exclusive service, scagil: troubleshooting and scalable solutions. Therefore, it uses high-tech features and a DevOps multidisciplinary team (Development and Infrastructure) that analyzes and identifies bottlenecks and critical scenarios in applications, servers and database.

The portfolio of the new line includes the diagnosis and scalable solutions proposition, in which the troubleshooting service provides environment monitoring, instrumentation of application, besides load and stress testing. At the end of this process is performed the presentation and report delivery with the context presented, the findings and conclusions about the monitored environment.

As for the scalable solutions, they are designed by a multidisciplinary team specialized in advanced technologies in this area. “When a company designs its growth through market expansion, the sophistication of their internal systems or even online sales, for example, IT cannot be an obstacle, rather, it must give the necessary support to achieve these goals,” says Ivã Boesing, founder and director of Infrastructure and Development of ilegra.

The main advantages offered by the line are proactive service by the multidisciplinary team; providing insights into new ideas and processes; reducing time for decision making through the use of proof of concepts (POCs); prioritization and targeting of budget according to what is most striking in the business; operational excellence. The hiring of scagil can occur jointly with the troubleshooting and scalable solutions in the same package or even separately.

According to Boesing, ilegra searches, with this new line of services, to support the companies that project growth and, to that end, need scalable and performing technological solutions. “With scagil the companies will have as results an environment of higher quality and better use of available resources,” concludes.

Curiousity: The name scagil emerged from the main attributes of the new service and features that comprise it, resulting from the combination of the words scalability, agile methods and ilegra.