Thomson Reuters and ilegra: distributed and cooperated development

ilegra, a company specializing in IT solutions, has been providing service for more than five years in the development field and software infrastructure for Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent businesses information. In one of the headquarters of the multinational company, located in Barcelona, the working done in partnership with ilegra contributes to the branch of Life Sciences Information, an area that allows important decisions in the pharmaceutical and chemical markets. When meeting the demands of customer development, ilegra promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience through various projects.

The Life Sciences Information business provides information, tools and experience to assist on drugs discovery, and the development of the service that serves as a basis is of utmost importance. ilegra is engaged on three segments, Services, API & Manufacturing and GUI (Thomson’s own system, which is a front-end web consumed by the service). The work done in partnership generates satisfactory results. Because of the culture of collaboration and learning, it is possible to follow the market changes and keep focus on excellence in execution.

A cross-functional team of developers is composed in a divided form, ilegra’s team in Brazil acts together with Thomson’s team in Spain. With professionals from ilegra periodically allocated in Barcelona it is possible to have a real correspondence with the customer and their needs. Gerard Chiva Erill, development services area manager at Thomson Reuters, states that “the face-to-face interaction allows the technical and methodological knowledge to be passed on, in addition to facilitating the relationship”.

The transfer of knowledge and technology among the teams is through training, Lightning Talks, Dojos, Pair Programming and Code Review. In the project is used a mix of agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, XP and Lean. According to Gerard Chiva, the proactivity and willingness to share knowledge, combined with excellent technical skills, form the attitude of the professionals at ilegra that have passed by Thomson. “This mindset of continuous improvement is what they really taught us and also the way of seeing and doing things differently, thinking beyond,” ends Gerard Chiva.