Whirlpool chooses Google with ilegra’s support

With 89% of employees’ satisfaction and innovative actions, the company goes to the cloud

 Whirlpool Latin America, owner of the brands Brastemp, Consul and KitchenAid is the leader in the Latin American market of household appliances, conducted a change of the communication and collaboration platform of 40 thousand employees around the world to Google. In Latin America, in the 9 countries where it operates, the company could count with ilegra, a business and technology company and authorized reseller of Google, to carry out the change for more than 5 thousand employees.

In the transition in Latin America, ilegra was responsible for the technology adoption through their users’ engagement methodology named Humam Change Management (HCM) and the project lasted 5 months. “We believe it would be necessary to involve a company that had the closest management locally and culturally, in order to engage our employees in Latin America. We chose ilegra because we have witnessed the company’s excellence since Embraco’s Google Apps migration (company of the same Whirlpool group)” said Renata Marques, Director of IT at Whirlpool Latin America.

Whirlpool sought innovation in its IT department through cloud-based tools and migrated to Google’s platform for Work, with 40 million users globally, and more than 5 thousand in Latin America. The change management supported Whirlpool’s internal program, the “Winning Workplace” which highlights the transformation of corporate culture. Throughout the migration process, there were also face-to-face training in Brazil and also trainings via hangout for other locations in Latin America. There were more than 300 hours in training and 530 employees trained to assist during the migration. The methodology used to choose people who would participate in the trainings was based on Google methodology that uses the Google Guides, staff trained to be points of support and the Early Adopters, early users who are trained to be able to help people during and after the migration. For executives and secretaries, there was a hands-on training, in which an ilegra instructor was available to answer questions, configure Mobile devices, teach about the use of the agenda and explain the general functioning of the Google applications.

As a result of the migration, Renata points out that the use of the tools has improved the content management, the sharing of information and the collaborative creation of materials. “We have achieved more efficiency, productivity and engagement of the teams”, she explained. The use of Google applications by Whirlpool generated, only in 2015, more than 40 thousand files in Google Drive, only in Latin America. Another result of the migration were the results of internal research of Latin America which revealed that 89% of employees were satisfied with the new tools and 80% believed that there was an improvement in productivity, quality and agility in the work routine. In ilegra’s point of view, Whirlpool is among the three major migration projects for Google Apps for Work platform. The largest migration was at Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre-HCPA, in which there were more than 8 thousand users, followed by Embraco which had 6 thousand users migrated, and both migrations occurred in 2014.