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ilegra increasing U.S. activities and announces hiring of ex-Google exec, João Itaqui

Brazilian tech company with global reach firms up plans to build market share in the world's most mature market


Innovative Global software and innovation company, ilegra, founded in Brazil, is announcing its expansion in the United States, with the hiring of ex-Google exec, João Itaqui as Country Manager. His aim is to bring ilegra even closer to the American market, offering a strategic partnership to leverage business through the creation of customized digital solutions.

João Itaqui was one of Google Enterprise’s first executives for Latin America, whose job it was at that time to create a business model, open the market and develop the ecosystem of partners and skills. In 2015, he moved to the headquarters in California, experiencing full immersion in San Francisco’s innovation bubble. Later, he took on challenges at Snowflake, and subsequently at Trifacta, both focused on data analysis and cloud.

The career path traveled by Itaqui, who has in-depth knowledge of technology and innovation in the world’s most mature market, strengthens the activity and value delivered by ilegra to the North American market. He is known for his ability to leverage solutions through interaction with the ecosystem and use of distributed multidisciplinary teams, two pillars of ilegra’s value proposal.

With deep insight into his clients’ strategies, and know-how in developing customized digital products that can generate real competitive advantages, ilegra provides services in the areas of digital design, innovation and software, with delivery through remote multidisciplinary squads operating with a nearshore model. Partnerships with world tech leaders such as GitHub and AWS strengthen its business solutions.

The scope of ilegra’s activity is global, with its innovation center in Brazil and offices in Miami, Lisbon and São Paulo, as well as development teams distributed in diverse locations. The company has logged 23 million project hours for market leaders from all over the world. In Brazil, the company competes with global giants in the tech and innovation industry, and is currently market leader for three categories, according to ISG, alongside of IBM and Accenture.

“Feedback from our clients in the American market has been confirming the belief we have in the significance of our proposal: delivery at the global level added to the ease of the nearshore model, which solves the problem of shortage of highly skilled talent within the U.S., while also affording advantages in a currency exchange moment that is extremely favorable for American companies. The expectation is that even within the next three years we’ll be able to make ilegra’s international operation as substantial as its Brazilian one, turning it into an extremely important tech player in the American market,” says Itaqui.

With its expansion into the U.S. market, the company intends to continue making customized deliveries to clients in different segments. Among the projects it has already completed are solutions for AGCO, Whirlpool, Thomson Reuters, The Channel Company, PwC, Thyssenkrupp, FCA Group, FedEx/TNT and Embraco.

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