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We were invited to be part of Dexco's online transformation, by creating new processes to optimize software development and operation.


Dexco is a Brazilian company that has been around for over 70 years. They own the brands Duratex and Durafloor (Wood division), Deca and Hydra (Deca division) and Portinari, Castelatto and Ceusa (Coatings division). In 2020, they began a digital transformation process, changed their branding and created a new market focus. The main reasons for the project were to optimize the processes for software development and operations, improve communication between IT and the business areas and to adopt a design culture within the business that puts the user at the center, as well as reduces staff turnover and improves knowledge of the systems.

How we contributed

ilegra is supporting the online transformation, by looking to identify new processes to optimize software development and operation. We are helping Dexco to leverage its strategy and to focus exclusively on its core business, by implementing new technology. So far, the staff have applied more than a thousand hours to deploy applications in Dexco’s environment. More than 80 projects have been added to the DevOps conveyor, cutting out the need for manual input and ensuring minimum security requirements are met. Eleven teams utilize the processes, which were created in full compliance with the technical guidelines. Finally, the project has supported over 55 systems, frameworks, components and languages.

Multidisciplinary Squads

It is possible to deliver infrastructure services simply and easily through the technical architecture applied to the environment. This ensures it is more efficient, as performance can be scaled to demand.

Since we started working together in mid-2020, the company has reduced the cost of technology to improve processes by 33%. These savings have even had an impact on ESG, as the company can now turn off the approvals and development systems, etc. outside of business hours, which reduces electricity costs. In addition, there has been a remarkable improvement in automation and efficiency. “Before we started the project, it took, on average, up to a week and a half to roll out developments onto the system. Now, it takes an hour at most. This is because the new technology has replaced the entire manual process with an automated system. Previously, we had someone to carry out each specific task”, explained Evandro.

Evandro Gussi Medrado

Specialist Solutions Architect at Dexco

“We needed to accelerate our automation, governance and innovation processes and our partnership with ilegra has been fundamental to this.”