Data Science

Cloud Data Engineering

Data-Based Decision Making: Leverage the value of your business by organizing your company’s data into an efficient process that produces available and scalable information.

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Use data to improve customer engagement, make efficiency savings and generate greater profits.

The Business Centric approach to Data Engineering allows technology and analytics to work together to generate insights that are focused on business results.

Our Data Engineering squads can help you with hiring and retaining highly skilled workers.

Business results from implementing Cloud Data Engineering

  • + Up to 90% savings on technology costs when deciding on the best tools to use.

  • + Your Data Scientists are more productive and the work is more scalable, because you do not waste time gathering and cleaning up the data.

  • + Smarter and more effective,because you have accurate data, ready to input

The issue

Turn your data into smart decision-making

“Leaders on initiatives involving data are doomed to fail if their Data Science and Machine Learning projects do not have the necessary Data Engineering skills available.”

Gartner Consulting

Data Engineering is Critical to Driving Data and Analytics Success - Dez, 2019

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Our core focus on technology, plus a Business Centric Data Engineering approach, leads to rapid deliverables. We start by looking at where the best business opportunities are.

+++ Data Platform Services

We build and implement data platforms that can support your most important decision-making.


Discovery - What is your real need?

This is about understanding the current structure and your needs - not just the sources of data, but also the endpoints.

Deliverable: Diagnosis of the current situation and the next steps.


Definitions - What are we going to do?

We design the architecture to be implemented according to the client’s needs.

Deliverable: Road map of the data process and the architecture to be put in place.


Fast Execution - Small-scale version of the project

We will deliver an initial version of a comprehensive pipeline for the company. You will already be able to speed things up and automate some of the data from your working practices, while we test the data flow, map potential changes and make the necessary adjustments.

Deliverable: A comprehensive data flow, together with the proposed architecture.


Scale Execution - Get to Work!

Now that the pipeline has been tested and validated, it is time to implement the proposed road map on a larger scale.

+++ Data Support and Observability

Your data environment, monitored and managed 24/7. We make sure your data is available when and how your company needs it.
Our team of specialists makes sure that the process is not interrupted and that the quality of the data is consistent.
You will have a team dedicated to monitoring, analyzing and providing an agile solution to any issues with the pipelines implemented by ilegra.

How we do

Our core focus is on

Agile development

Mindset geared to the Product



Data Science Approach
Business Centric

Understanding business issues

Clearly defining and prioritizing data-based opportunities


Quick Wins

Developing Agile solutions. You attack those areas where the best business opportunities are, first.

Data Driven Business

If you consider the end users of your data, you end up with high adoption rates for your solutions, which produces more intelligence for the company as a whole.


You reduce costs by choosing the right technology for your company’s data structure.

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