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Your database environments always available, secure, evolving and performing with ilegra®'s monitoring and the expertise of its team.

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Go beyond
simple DBA +++
with DBRE as a Service

We improved our database environment support services.

They consist of 24x7 database environment monitoring. In order to do that, along with our expert DBA team, you can also count on senior DBRE professionals. All of this in addition to our platforms that provide special security analyses of databases and dashboards that monitor the health of the environment in real time.

Reducing time spent by resources on non-functional requirements
The right professionals for the right activities, working with knowledge and seniority levels in different technologies
Access to professionals specialized in performance of highly-complex environments
Security Platform: It maps out the vulnerabilities found in your environment, in addition to assisting in compliance trails regarding legislation such as LGPD.

Companies that prioritize security
make the most with ilegra®

Performance data that make up the day-to-day routine of DBRE professionals.
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terabytes managed
by ilegra®
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in daily transactions
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years of database experience
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per month is the total revenue from companies that trust ilegra with their environments

Clients who work with us +++

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We deliver
+++ much more than just a team

Environment Monitoring

We make available a proactive environment monitoring tool.

Should the monitoring thresholds be reached, a ticket is automatically generated and then processed. This tool also has charts and indicators related to component performance.


Security Platform

It identifies, analyzes and integrates full reports on the digital security vulnerabilities of your business.

With the 360-degree vision Dashboards, Executive Security Reports and other resources, you’ll drastically reduce your security risks, prioritizing actions targeting vulnerabilities.

These reports may be used for assessing compliance with the LGPD, ISO 27001, GDPR, Bacen, and many other regulations/standards.


Specialist support and management

Our specialists are like an extension of your team so that you do not have to scale it.

You have at your disposal 2 levels of service: Management, providing all the day-to-day support and specialized support that will address the most complex cases in your environment.

Our Ecosystem +++

We bring together world leaders in technology in order to expand our capabilities and deliver the best solutions in emerging and consolidated technologies.