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Autonomy, agility and efficiency for your engineering teams.

The purpose of PlatformOps operations is to achieve efficiency and economy of scale in a DevOps environment where application product delivery teams are responsible for deploying and operating their applications. A consistent shared platform reduces technology duplication, enables automation, and focuses on experience.

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Our core in personalized strategy + Self-service model + Center of excellence generates fast deliveries. You start where your best business opportunities are.

Flexible Team Model

Remote Squads


We work closely with your team, from strategy definition and roadmap conception to the implementation of solutions and initiatives that will work in the transformation of your business with our platforms.


With extreme agility, we dynamically adjust the combination of hard and soft skills and continuously scale your team.

Center of

In constant support to the squads, our multidisciplinary engineering center permeates and supports the work of the staff.


Our leaders add to the projects a global vision and great knowledge of strategy and technique, since they have worked - and still work - in projects for several markets. Thus, they bring all the theoretical and practical knowledge, generating relevant solutions for the faced challenges


In addition, with ilegra, your business can rely on technical and practical training for your team, provided by our engineering center

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