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We created and launched an operational efficiency plan for AGCO. We were able to increase their tractor route accuracy ten-fold.


AGCO, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural solutions, needed to unify its services on a single platform, increasing efficiency and facilitating communication between dealers, customers and machines.

How we made it better

We created a worldwide communications network for offering remote functionality to tractors and combines. We applied IoT tools to their agricultural machines and developed single access portal to manage their widespread business. (C.H.I.)

Tech Coach

The challenge was to improve communication between resellers, producers and agricultural machinery on a planetary scale - we succeeded.

Jaime Brown

Program Manager at AGCO

“We have a partner who could help us with agile methodology but still follow our processes and procedures. When we engaged with ilegra, we liked that they understood our scenario before even saying this partnership should work.”