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We modernized Unicred's applications, by developing a robust solution that provided the cooperative with better access to its systems and the ability to develop it further.


Unicred, a credit union with over 200,000 members was undergoing a digital transformation process and they wanted to modernize their applications to support the growth of new business.

How we contributed

An application modernization project on two fronts. A development squad, using microservices architecture, worked in an agile manner by producing small-scale but continuous delivery. In parallel to this, the infrastructure team worked with them to support the systems, providing members with better access to Unicred's services.

Design Think
Multidisciplinary Squads

The solution we provided gave them greater resilience, flexibility and a lean supporting infrastructure that is easier to develop.

The ilegra team worked on three elements of Unicred's project: developing talent with the necessary skills, an agile culture and the toolset necessary for modernization.

Pablo Cardias

Unicred’s Corporate Architecture Manager

“ilegra played a very important role in designing the right model for our business, and helped us to achieve the expected results.”