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Future Branches: Combining online and offline channels with a focus on providing a human service.


Unicred is a Credit Union that wanted to transform its branch operations in Paraná and Santa Catarina, so that they could provide members with a service that included online and offline channels. The aim was to create physical reference points that would transform the branches into places that could be catalysts for business and interaction.

How we contributed

In order to create Future Branches, we carried out extensive research and looked at examples from abroad and concept stores. We also examined the products and services provided by the cooperative and we created new ways to connect the offline experience with the online one. Future Branches was based on self-service. There are no typical cashiers’ or managers’ desks; the staff became business advisors. Members have shared working areas, coffee shops and other facilities, at their disposal.

Design Thinking
User Experience
User Journey

Unicred’s Future Branches were not just a bank branch; they were intended to encourage advice, interaction and communication.

Maria Alice Delatorre

Head of Marketing for the Unicred Central Unit SC/PR

“ilegra forced us to think outside the box in many ways and come up with some disruptive models. We looked for examples from this country and abroad, but, more importantly, we had a thorough look at our customer’s profile and considered what we could do that would surprise them and give them a better service.”