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We supported them in migrating to GitHub, a collaborative, high-performance platform, which helped to position PayGo favorably in the competitive market for tech workers.


Over its 18-year history, PayGo has absorbed other companies to meet the market demand and grown rapidly in the payment methods sector. We realized that the right way to improve innovation securely was to unify systems and provide developers with the ability to work together and test.

How we contributed

ilegra, as a certified GitHub partner for Latin America, provided the planning, guidance and support for the migration process. The choice of GitHub was identified by the PayGo development team themselves.

Digital Workplace

Choosing a platform with an excellent reputation in the competitive market for software developers allowed the company to manage its people and code more efficiently.

Henrique Chaves

Technology Manager for PayGo

“Using GitHub makes a difference in attracting workers. The best thing for a technology-based company is when workers want to work for you.”