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Orsegups launches Alarme 365, an innovative product that enables a faster and more dynamic service

The launch of Alarme 365 is a strategy to improve the customer experience.


About Orsegups

Orsegups, a Brazilian company leader in the security market, operates strongly in the areas of electronics, property and facilities. The company uses state-of-the-art technology, innovative methods and intelligent systems applied to solutions that consolidate the company as a reference in Brazil in risk analysis, prevention and reduction. With over 40 years of market presence, it was awarded national and international certifications such as the Dun and Bradstreet Corporation and ISO 9001:2015, in addition to the Top of Mind and Impar awards. Orsegups is based in São José, in Greater Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. It operates throughout Brazil and has over 80 thousand customers in its portfolio.

The Challenge

In 2018, Orsegups, a company with over 40 years and the country’s leader in electronic security, entered into a partnership with ilegra, a global design, innovation and software company, with the goal of aligning new methodologies and software architecture services to a digital transformation process. Since the beginning of this partnership, the companies began to think together about innovation and now, in 2022, they are launching a new product, Alarme 365, a comprehensive security system with wireless technology and devices, entirely produced by Orsegups.

With the new solution, they will have the capability to produce in 2 years an amount of alarm control kits sufficient to double their customers base. In addition, they are preparing to target the smart home market, a niche expected to reach 1.4 billion units sold by 2025, according to an IDC (International Data Corporation) study.


Why Choose Amazon Web Services?

ilegra’s Architecture Consultancy worked from strategy to execution. Service-oriented architecture principles, cloud-native application techniques, in addition to the adoption of a Serverless computing model were fundamental for elaborating the technical strategy for Orsegups in ilegra’s view.

“For a true digital transformation, it is necessary to invest in an ecosystem based on a technology architecture that supports all the company’s strategies from a business perspective and that delivers value to customers. We highly value the technology architecture that we are developing together with ilegra to support our evolution over the next years”, said Giliardi dos Santos, Orsegups’ CTO.

Within this context, AWS appeared as a cloud-provider partner, allowing the implementation of the proposed architecture through its wide range of cloud products and services.



“Alarme 365 delivers new high-impact functionalities for the end customer, increasing support speed and assertiveness. This novelty is the result of a process of culturalization in design, user-centric approach, and DevOps automations that ensured and increased productivity and code quality. And ilegra participated in this development together with our team”, said Rafael Calmon, product manager at Orsegups.

The proposed solution relies on AWS infrastructure and platform elements that were essential for making the technical strategy viable. Among those we can highlight:

+++ Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): to create a secure and private environment, with redundant connectivity, for the Group’s platform. Administrative access via Bastion ensuring the secure maintenance of applications in case of need.

+++ Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): to support the deployment pipeline, the service-related systems (Artifactory, Jenkins, Vault, ETCD, among others), along with the Auto-Scaling service, ensuring the scalability required by the environment

+++ Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS): to orchestrate heterogeneous containerized applications at scale. The choice of EKS as the container platform was fundamental to provide flexibility to the development teams from frontend to backend, as well as solutions for the massive event processing.

+++ Simple Cloud Storage Service (S3): as a storage solution for static objects produced by the platform. The use of S3 has proven to be effective in terms of cost, as well as maintenance, resiliency, and scalability provided by AWS as a service.

+++ AWS IoT: to conduct the communication between the system and all the security centers deployed at the customers, allowing the control and performance of all devices in a centralized and secure way.

+++ Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS): to provide a managed relational database service with periodic backups through snaps in order to be quickly restarted in a different zone in case of failure.

+++ AWS Lambda Functions: as a compute model to run on-demand workloads at scale coming from the AWS IoT Core.

+++ Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS): to mediate the asynchronous communication between the various components of the architecture within the platform.

+++ Amazon Elasticache: for in-memory data storage for microservices, allowing high throughput and low latency access.

+++ Application Load Balance (ALB): to provide access to the platform, allowing the indication of contexts for each corresponding service and offering a security and content management layer.



The Benefits

The implementation of AWS solutions, combined with ilegra’s consultancy and expertise, allowed Orsegups to increase the performance of the infrastructure and the stability of the monitoring services, in addition to the possibility of expanding its operations in volume and scope. This was the first step towards a structure capable of embracing a new business model, much more agile, sustainable and profitable. With ilegra’s work, the new Orsegups project ensures high sustainability to proceed with an accelerated growth without sacrificing the quality of the service.


“ilegra was the ideal component at the right time. When they introduced the discovery process to us, we saw a possibility for development and transformation, with the right tools, the right technologies. Until then, we had never talked about IoT, Design System, nor acted so strongly in cloud computing and microservices. We bought this disruptive idea with the arrival of ilegra as a partner”, evaluates Calmon.

The end customer’s satisfaction was one of the main concerns for Orsegups. During the evaluation phase, ilegra’s specialized team realized that there were internal operational processes, which were interfering with the end customer at different points of contact. From that point, the obvious and most interesting solution was to join the tasks together in just two systems (one for the customer and one for the operational team) proved to be the most interesting way.

“We are very happy with the product we created together. Orsegups saw in ilegra a partner that goes beyond code development, strategic from the conception to the go to market”, comments Ricardo Abreu, VP of Growth & Customer Experience at ilegra. “We went through the whole journey together, facing the challenges of a project of this magnitude and taking on Orsegups’ goals for ourselves. And we proceed, with the launch of an innovative platform for the market, a product that was designed for scalability, adaptability and flexibility of the software”, the executive adds.


Next steps

To learn more about how AWS can help with your application-related needs, visit the AWS web, mobile, and social applications website.

For more information on how ilegra can help companies run their infrastructure on the AWS Cloud, visit the AWS Partner Directory.

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